Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Campaign Website Released

Hi everyone,

This is Stephen, popping in to let y'all know that the new, official website for the campaign has been launched. It's a lot nicer than this one, and a lot more helpful for people trying to find out where I stand on the issues. Please visit today, to see the new website. It's great!

Thanks and God bless!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stephen Skacall Officially on November Ballot

Skacall Officially Slated for November Ballot

Goodwell – Stephen Skacall, of Goodwell, has taken the action necessary to be placed on the ballot this November as an independent candidate for State House District 61.

Oklahoma's election laws make it easy for independent candidates to get on the ballot in most races. For State House, all that is required is a one page filing form and a fee of $200. Skacall submitted the required materials to the Oklahoma State Election Board before flying to South Carolina to visit family.

“I made the decision in April to take a stand against complacent politicians and a Legislature that's more concerned with partisan power struggles than doing what's best for Oklahomans. By officially filing as a candidate for State House District 61, I have followed through with that decision,” Skacall said.

The incumbent, Republican Gus Blackwell, is facing a serious challenge in his party's primary from Hooker native Seth Adams.

“The fact that Republicans are showing open dissatisfaction with Gus Blackwell is a clear demonstrator of his weakness after four terms in office. I think that, over the next month and a half leading up to the primary, more and more Republicans will become aware of Gus Blackwell's failures as a legislator.”

Skacall stated that he feels confident that voters will respond favorably to his campaign's message in November, regardless of who wins the Republican primary.

“Obviously, I'm still going to be in the race regardless of who wins the Republican primary next month. While I do slightly prefer Seth Adams over Gus Blackwell on a few issues, whoever wins the primary will still be chained to the leadership of the Republican Party. Adams and Blackwell alike will be forced to side with the party leaders in Oklahoma City instead of truly voting for their constituents. But I'm confident that the voters will recognize the need for an independent voice in the Legislature, without debts to the political establishment and who is truly able to work with all parties to achieve the best legislation possible for the Panhandle. Clearly, I'm the only candidate who fits that description,” Skacall said.

Stephen Skacall has pledged to campaign based on the truth, bringing light to his stands on the issues that matter most to the voters.

“I'll run this race based solely on the issues. I will never attack the character of my opponent, or tell lies about him. However, I'll be asking the tough questions that need to be asked, and I'll be holding my opponent accountable for his statements, actions, and voting record. I expect nothing less from the Republican candidate, whoever it might be.”

Skacall says that he plans to give the two Republican candidates a chance to debate the issues, and to give Panhandle voters time to evaluate both candidate leading up to the primary in July.

“I'll continue to work on fund raising, of course, and there will be some campaign activities going on, but I'm saving the real fight for after the Republican primary. The voters deserve to be able to pay attention to what their choices are, and right now that's Seth Adams and Gus Blackwell. Rest assured, once the Republican nominee has been chosen, my campaign will be running at full steam toward November.”

Skacall plans to release the new campaign website in the next week or two.

“It's going to be great, a place where voters can go to see where I stand on the issues that matter to them. There will be ways to contact me directly with any questions or comments that they might have, there will be information for anyone wanting to donate or volunteer, and of course all the press releases and statements will be posted there regularly.”

Stephen Skacall can be reached for questions or comments at (405)413-0597. For more information, e-mail .

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stephen Skacall Signs Oath for Vote on Taxes

As a taxpayer, I understand the burden that tax increases can place on Americans from all walks of life. We Oklahomans are blessed with an economy that is the envy of many other states. Unfortunately, that blessing is overshadowed by skyrocketing sales taxes and looming increases to the state income tax. As your candidate for the Oklahoma State House of Representatives, I believe that we should all have a say in whether our taxes our raised.

I don't want to leave our tax decisions up to 149 people in Oklahoma City. I want the tax decisions to be made by the people who really end up being affected by them: you.

I support amending the Oklahoma Constitution to require all increases to the state sales and income taxes to be approved by the voters before they go into effect. I also support the same amendment to the US Constitution. If you elect me to the Oklahoma State House, I'll do everything I can to make sure that your voice is heard when tax time comes.

Because of my beliefs, I have chosen to take the following oath to the people of Oklahoma, which is based on the oath of the Vote on Taxes Committee:

I solemnly swear to the citizens of Oklahoma that if you will vote for and support me, I will, during my term in office, agree to vote for and support the citizen’s right to vote on new taxes and spending as follows:

I will vote for and support the Vote on Taxes Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which:

1. Requires a majority vote of U.S. Citizens before implementing:

a. New federal taxes or an increase in existing federal tax rates

b. An increase in federal expenditures in excess of a spending cap equal to the base year adjusted annually by the sum of inflation and population change

c. A new mandated expenditure of state or local government unless fully and contemporaneously federally funded

2. Requires a majority vote of U.S. electors in three-quarters of the states to ratify an identically worded amendment proposed by two-thirds of the state legislatures.

3. Makes provision for any state or local elected official or government entity to choose either a bench trial or binding jury trial when interpreting the Amendment.

4. Has no spending or borrowing limits for the direct cost of conducting a war that threatens the existence of this nation.

If I am elected before the Vote on Taxes Amendment is adopted, I solemnly swear to vote as if it were adopted so long as I am in office. I will also support a similar amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution and will make that amendment a key legislative priority while in office.

So signed,

Stephen Skacall
Candidate for State House District 61

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oklahoma Legislators Should Take Pay Cut

Oklahoma Legislators Should Take Pay Cut

Goodwell - Stephen Skacall, independent candidate for State House District 61, issued a call today for the Legislature to enact an immediate pay cut. “With more budget cuts looming around the corner, you’d think that our legislators would be doing everything in their power to make those cuts as small as possible. Unfortunately, they aren’t. The first thing the Legislature should have done is cut their own salaries.”

Skacall points to the unusually high salary given to state legislators in Oklahoma, when compared to other states, as evidence of government waste. “If legislators in Texas are willing to serve their constituents for seven thousand dollars a year, why aren’t Oklahoma’s legislators willing to do the same thing?”

Legislators in Oklahoma currently receive an annual salary of over $38,000, which is roughly twelve percent higher than the average per capita income for Oklahomans and well above the legislative salaries of most other states.

“Legislators are supposed to be public servants. While we obviously cannot expect our legislators to work without pay, it makes no sense to pay them lavish salaries when our state is in the middle of an ongoing economic disaster,” Skacall said.

Skacall proposed tying legislative salaries to the median per capita income of Oklahomans.

“Tying their salaries to the median per capita income would save the state more than half a million dollars per year, enough to hire dozens of police officers, teachers, paramedics, or other vital employees. While this is only a drop in the bucket, it would definitely help. Additionally, this would provide an incentive for our legislators to improve the economy of the state, which would eventually lead to increases in their salaries as the median income goes up statewide.”

Skacall pledged to take a personal pay cut if elected, even if the Legislature fails to pass such a cut.

“If the voters choose me to represent them in Oklahoma City for the next two years, not only will I personally write the bill to tie legislative salaries to the statewide median income, I will personally take a ten percent pay cut if the Legislature fails to act on my bill. I will donate that ten percent of my state salary to local charities to do my part to offset some of the budget cuts that the Legislature plans to enact this year,” Skacall said.

Stephen Skacall is a resident of Goodwell and is running for State House District 61 as an independent. He is a church musician and an active member of St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Guymon. Skacall can be reached by e-mail at for questions or comments related to the campaign. Interested voters can also visit or visit the campaign on Facebook for more information.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stephen Skacall to Run for House District 61 as Independent

Dear fellow Oklahomans,

Last year, several local residents began to encourage me to run for public office. The reasons offered for running were many, ranging from a lack of choices on the ballot to dissatisfaction with those currently in office. After several months of prayerful consideration and consultation with friends and family, I have decided to run for the 61st District of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. This will not be an easy campaign but it will be well worth the time, money, and effort required.

I believe in the people of Oklahoma.

The greatest threat facing our state, as far as I can see, is partisan politics. We vote for Republicans until we become dissatisfied with them and then we vote for Democrats. Then after a few years we become dissatisfied with the Democrats and start voting for Republicans again. The problem is that our elected officials are no longer accountable to the voters; they're accountable to the party leaders in Oklahoma City and Washington. That is why I have chosen to run as an Independent. The Panhandle deserves an independent voice in Oklahoma City, one who will be loyal to them rather to the leadership of a political party.

I pledge to run an honest, issues-driven campaign. I know that the people of Oklahoma have many good ideas that should be heard in the Legislature. Because of that, I invite every voter in the 61st District to send me their ideas so that I can hear them, consider them, and act on them. I have some ideas of my own, too. As your State Representative, I will push to repeal the sales tax on food items. I will work hard to keep rural hospitals open. I will see to it that our veterans are treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve. I will do my best to make sure that our high school graduates are truly prepared to enter today's workforce. But most importantly, I will fight to give the Panhandle the voice that it has so long gone without.

In the coming weeks and months, I will be posting information relating to my platform and my position on the issues that directly affect the Panhandle. Again, I invite you to ask me questions and send me your ideas.

Thanks, and God bless!